Telling a Story

There are many ways to tell a story. The same exact story can be told multiple ways. We don’t suggest anyone lie or be dishonest. But people need to know their particular audience and know how to convey something that might be embarrassing without it coming across as catastrophic.

Protecting a Reputation

When a professional or business is the victim of an inaccurate accusation, we talk to both sides to come to a reasonable agreement.

Saving the Family Nest Egg

We’ve settled matters so bankruptcy was avoided and banks settled for significantly less than was owed. We’ve also settled numerous claims with collection agencies on behalf of clients and had derogatory credit information removed.

Getting Lease Set Back to Original Terms

When a person leasing a car finds that leasing company secretly updated the terms of the lease in their own favor, we’ve  convinced the leasing company to honor the original terms.

Eliminating Criminal Charges

When an otherwise-honest client is threatened with criminal charges, we have successfully resolved the issues.

Negotiating with the IRS

We have lowered or eliminated tax liens by negotiating with the IRS.

Arbitrating with Feuding Spouses

We have helped feuding or divorcing spouses come to reasonably amicable agreements.

Advising Film & TV Producers

With police and ex-military resources, we authenticate realistic aspects of police procedures and/or the military process.

Our Resource Network

  • Law enforcement local and federal
  • Attorneys in the private and public sectors
  • Business owners in large corporate firms as well as small firms
  • Tax experts
  • Contract experts
  • People who have been or are incarcerated.

In all situations, our services are carried out with the utmost discretion.

Most things in life are chimpanzee stuff,
but every once in a while you need a gorilla.

— that’s what Kings Consultants are here for!

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