Ian Mitchell King, J.D., MBA, is a non-practicing lawyer and senior business advisor from Los Angeles County, California. He specializes in crisis management and problem-solving. A military veteran, he is also extremely well-versed in countless other aspects of business and law. His services span far beyond LA, as he has numerous clients from Orange County and Las Vegas. 

King currently resides in Studio City. As a philanthropist, he is proud to support numerous charities, nonprofits, and other good causes. These good causes include Urban Surf 4 Kids, Hope Gardens Family Center, and the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. Among his hobbies and interests are exercising, miniature golf, and various outdoor activities.

Current Roles & Duties

Los Angeles-based King is a senior advisor at a leading business consultancy. As a senior business advisor, he works alongside an eclectic mix of enterprises. These enterprises range from accounting firms to restaurants and real estate holding companies.

He is also one of the names behind Kings Consultants LLC. A managing partner, he is committed to protecting clients’ reputations, safeguarding their family nest eggs, and arbitrating between feuding spouses. The Beverly Hills-based outfit further helps eliminate criminal charges and handles IRS negotiations.

King’s extensive resource network grants his clients access to private and public sector attorneys, contract and tax experts, and a myriad of other professionals. The non-practicing attorney works with businesses and other organizations of varying sizes. In doing so, he helps them avoid unnecessary legal issues via the power of negotiation, mitigating associated costs in the process.

Academic History

Ian King is a former student at the University of Southern California. He graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s in Business Administration. He also graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law. It’s from the University of San Diego School of Law that merit scholar King holds his Doctor of Jurisprudence.

He remains closely involved with the University of Southern California, at which he is a long-standing alum mentor and sponsor.

Professional Skills

As a non-practicing attorney and senior business advisor, King is uniquely positioned to provide an array of professional services to his clients. He is on hand with a range of highly skilled and effective solutions designed to be more affordable than those provided by practicing attorneys.

The Kings Consultants LLC managing partner boasts a supremely high success rate. He routinely helps small businesses fight against attorneys who file ADA compliance lawsuits costing tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, he focuses on settling with the suing party for considerably less.

He also specializes in skillfully supporting businesses where former employees have filed wrongful termination lawsuits. In many instances, such cases can be highly damaging financially. Yet, with King’s help, the goal is always to settle matters affordably through his powers of negotiation and other skills.

Furthermore, he works with affluent and celebrity clientele to manage their online reputation. His connections help expunge harmful content on Google, such as bad reviews, lawsuits, or defamatory articles. 


King is a long-standing supporter of various charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Good causes supported by King include:

  • Urban Surf 4 Kids
  • Hope Gardens Family Center
  • Devonshire PALS
  • San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission
  • Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation
  • The American Legion
  • Marine Toys for Tots
  • Rotary International
  • The Aleph Institute

Outside of his professional and philanthropic efforts, he enjoys exercising, horse riding, miniature golf, and spending time outdoors with his dog, a rescued German Shepherd.